Trend Alert: Cèline Paris T-Shirt

Look what I just ordered!!! This Cèline Paris T Shirt is trending all over the blogging community.  It all started because Rihanna was seen wearing one and looked super cool and rocker chic.  After doing my research and finding out that the Cèline Paris t shirt is a little over $200 I started to look for alternatives!  I found a replica so to speak on eBay for nearly a fraction of the cost!  I am not expecting the quality of the t shirt to be that of the real Celine t shirt, but solely for the trend, this alternative will do!  So many outfit ideas are already in my head to rock this t shirt with!!  Can’t wait for it to arrive!  Below is a photo of the replica Cèline t shirt I found on eBay; simply click the photo and it will take you to the seller I purchased it from on eBay.

rihanna celine paris tshirt celine paris t shirt

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