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Hi my name is Jenna and I have a shopping addiction.  Phew that feels so much better to get that off my chest.  So as you can tell I ordered a few items off Forever21 recently for the upcoming spring/summer season.  I am pleased to say I am happy with all the items I received!  Below are photos of the three footwear items I purchased (yes I know my feet are not perfect but no body is perfect and feet occasionally need some camera time too).  Click the pics and they take you to the item on the website if you are interested in buying it.


About to go HAM on this box!!!


After destroying the box, the contents from within!


(my new obsession!! just saying)


These sandals came with a tag attached saying they are made from genuine leather; and I only paid $29.80 for them so that is a good deal!


Since black and white are huge for spring/summer 2013, I couldn’t pass up these sandals for only $8.80!!!

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